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  • CHAT WITH US : +612 8599 6196
  • CALL US: +612 8599 6196
  • Mail US : info@cifunds.org
  • CHAT WITH US : +612 8599 6196
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CIFUNDS Investment.


With effective, long-term investments, CIFUNDDS endeavors to be a leading investor while sparking an impact felt beyond. CIFUNDS maintains a leading and impactful investment strategy in line with Vision 2030, to drive economic transformation through active, long-term investments and high standards of governance and transparency.

Services includes:

  • CIFUNDS Developing
  • CIFUNDS Diversification
  • Drafting Job Descriptions, Manuals.
Why We develop?

CIFUNDS is developing a portfolio of high-quality domestic, regional and international investments diversified across sectors, geographies, and asset classes. Joining forces with top-tier global strategic partners and renowned investment managers, CIFUNDS acts as the Kingdom's main investment arm to deliver a strategy focused on achieving attractive financial returns and long-term value.

Pay for Success

Locally, CIFUNDS drives strategic and sustainable diversification in line with Vision 2030 objectives and is supporting key sectors through investment opportunities, unlocking growth potential in the private sector. PIF remains committed to holding a substantial and diversified portfolio of investments in the Kingdom, including listed and privately held companies.

Tailor-Made Solutions

An image that expresses the Public Investment Fund's endeavor to develop a high-quality portfolio of diversified local, regional and international investments across sectors and different geographies Internationally, CIFUNDS invests in a diversified portfolio across a range of asset classes. CIFUNDS has already invested in some of the world's most innovative companies, forming partnerships that will ensure that the forefront of emerging trends while supporting the Kingdom's Vision 2030 blueprint. This Investment Pools page has been developed as a testimony to CIFUND's transparency and details how it operates.